Polonia Business Club

Publication date: 15.11.2023

Polonia Warsaw is more than a football club; it is a proud community that embraces it’s history and upholds enduring and universal values since it’s inception. We aim for everyone who identifies with the ‘Black Shirts’ to grow daily with a sense of pride and to nurture the ethos of universal role models instilled by previous generations. Our vision for Polonia Warsaw goes beyond positive sporting emotions or a recognizable brand; we aspire for it to be associated with courage, success, as well as modesty and humility.

Success can take various forms, whether in historical, sporting, or business terms. We aim to rekindle in you an inner sense of strength and pride in what we create, where we live, and the values that strengthen us. We aim to foster unity not only in the realm of sports but also in the business sphere. Our goal is to establish a platform that regularly provides opportunities for entrepreneurs, businessmen, politicians, and passionate individuals worldwide to meet, exchange views, share experiences, and build connections—not just from Warsaw and its surroundings.

The idea behind Polonia Business Club is to engage entrepreneurs, businessmen, politicians, and all passionate individuals in the realms of both sports and business. We want to build enduring business relations grounded in the values of the Polonia Warsaw Club—creating a friendly and professional space for exchanging experiences, establishing new investor relations, and forming friendships. We aim to cultivate a proud community, proud of its skills, vision, hard work, and success in business. Simply put, the Pride of the Capital.

Together, we can achieve more!