Who we are

Meet the club whose fans have supported it for over 110 years


We are the oldest football club in Warsaw. We’ve been continuously creating football history since 1911.

We co-founded the PZPN – Polish Football Association (1919) and the Polish Football League.

We won the prestigious title of Polish Champion (1946 and 2000) and the Polish Cup (1952 and 2001). For 100 years, we’ve been playing at the legendary “K6” stadium at 6 Konwiktorska Street, which witnessed landmark events in Polish history and was the site of battles during the Warsaw Uprising.


Polonia is the name we adopted during the partitions. We played matches in a conspiracy in defiance of bans under the German occupation during World War II

Even though our stadium was razed to the ground during the fighting carried out in Warsaw, we won the title of the first post-war Polish Champion.

We remained true to our values during the times of the Polish People’s Republic and did not surrender to the communist regime. Meanwhile, many of our supporters fought for Poland’s freedom.

Wearing the Club’s colors with pride on the streets of the capital and coming to matches requires great courage when you are to face such a strong rival. We are patriots. We love our city – Warsaw, and our country – Poland. Although we are strongly connected to where we come from, we stay open to those who differ from us. We do not accept aggression and hate speech aimed at anybody. Every person who shares our values is welcome to join us in our home – the K6 stadium. It, too, applies to our rivals’ supporters.


Regardless of the score and despite the massive emotions that accompany sports competitions, we show respect to everyone – also the fans of the opposing team.

Our supporters, players, sponsors, the coach, management – all of us are members of the same team who support each other no matter the circumstances. When we win, we celebrate together; when we lose, we lift each other’s spirits and motivate each other to keep fighting. Football is more than a fight for victory – it is a fun and exciting show. We want to celebrate it and give every person who visits our stadium unforgettable moments of joy.

Thanks to the takeover of Polonia Warszawa by Gregoire Nitot in March 2020 and the mobilization of fans, the Club has a brand-new chance to regain its former glory. Once again, let’s show the world the strength and power of Polonia Warszawa.

Come to the stadium and support our team. Let’s continue writing the club’s history together.