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Split points in last match of the year at K6

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Publication date: 01.12.2023

In the 17th round of the I. League, we faced Stala Rzeszów in the last match of the year at Konwiktorska 6. The meeting had a unique setting. It was the last match in the Black Shirts of Łukasz Piątek. In addition, there were plenty of Christmas attractions waiting for the fans – a fair and a Santa Claus party. There was a lot of excitement on the pitch from the beginning of the meeting.

The opening of the meeting belonged decisively to Polonia. Already in the 3rd minute, after Szymon Kobusinski’s pass from the first ball, Michal Bajdur decided to shoot from a distance, scoring the first goal. Moments later, after playing from a corner kick, Michal Bajdur decided to shoot almost from the edge of the penalty area. The ball found its way to the Steel’s goal landing in the very window of the goal. In the 32nd minute the guests scored a contact goal. Pawel Oleksy entered the list of scorers, beating Lemanow on the installment.

In the second half, the guests led to an equalizer. After confusion in the penalty area, Krystian Wachowiak headed the ball with a shot off the post. In the 84th minute Michał Bajdura was replaced by Łukasz Piątek, for the Polonia alumni it was the last meeting in the colors of the Black Shirts. Until the end, the result was not changed and Polonia had to settle for one point won in the last match at K6 this year. The Black Shirts will play their next match in mid-February. Thank you for today’s cheering and for spending time together at the Santa Claus game and fair. We hope that all the little ones left K6 with wide smiles on their faces and the fans with nice Christmas gifts.

Lemanowicz – Bajdur (83. Piątek), Biedrzycki, Grudniewski, Kluska, Kobusiński (69. Tomczyk), Koton, Kowalski-Haberek, Majsterek, Okhronchuk (46. Marciniec), Zawistowski (69. Pawłowski)